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We are thrilled that everyone who uses our salt and pepper shakers, knows they are getting a unique handmade piece worthy of the most exclusive customers.

Nela – NelaCeramics CEO

Hi there, coming from a family of artists/makers I found out clay was my media. I loved making things I could use for years in my life.  After taking my first class in wheel throwing, I was hooked! That was way back in 1990.

Making functional art became my purpose. Since the beginning I have been fascinated  by handmade functional objects that carry that special feeling which makes the whole experience of using these objects very special. It’s the bridge that takes me to connect with people. These connections helped me converge my style into what my work is all about.

Therefore I decided I set out to create a very unique selection of functional decorative ceramics for collectors who understand the value of owning or giving a one-of-a-kind work of art that can be used either for display or in everyday living.

Today, my work is being used all over the world to either hold a warm beverage or sprinkle salt over a delicious meal, to lit a cozy room with one of my oil lamps… or to hold the ashes of a beloved pet… I make art functional.

It hasn’t been easy though. Making a living as a full time potter has its challenges. In the past I could hardly meet ends on a shoestring budget. But I kept holding tight to my passion and refused to give up. In those moments of hardship I’ve  found real support from family and close friends who always believed in me and my work.

So far, my business has been successfully growing in part thanks to the great response to one of my very, very best sellers ever! My round Salt shakers, specially The black and white salt and pepper sets. I started making them in 2002 when one of my dear friends brought back one of those curious shakers as a souvenir made by a local potter in France. I challenged myself to make one of those in my own style. That was a hit! Ever since I’ve never stopped making and selling them..

Now that you know a little more about me, feel free to browse my store to see if you can find something that connects with you and if you are a first time buyer, take advantage of a 20% instant discount by clicking here.