Renewed Vision: New Creations!

Marianela “Nela” Borsten, the artist and owner of NelaCeramics, has always been grateful for all the customers’ warmth towards her craft through the years. With that warmth, she has willfully sustained her energy to continue what she loves to do. Thus, she renewed her vision to amplify her passion for the arts towards creating unique and interesting ceramic crafts that could be used on a daily basis.

Nela  humbly introduces her new creations for 2015. From Sake sets to travel mugs; from impressively designed salt and pepper shakers to oil dispensers; triangular plates, oil lamps and sturdy mugs. All these products are just a tip of the iceberg. Nela has prepared to do more this year.

Let us show you our new collection.









Triangular Red and White Plate.  (Above) This can be also used as a Candle Holder, Sushi Plate, or a Trinket Dish. Red is a particularly attractive color. The plate is decorated with the classic leaf design with red glaze filling the carved lines.

White Sage Tokkuri or Sake Set with Tray. (Below) A more organic version of Nela’s collection of Sake/Tokkuri Set. The serving pieces are glazed with classic white matte. Due to semi-transparency, the set looks more creamy colored. It has a wheel-thrown, altered tray glazed with sage green which perfectly makes it a nice set.









Rustic Brown Sake Set for Two.  (Below) The warm earthy colors of the glazes makes it a nice romantic dinner set. The sake bottle has a hanging ivy leaf on its neck. Each piece was individually shaped on the potters wheel and decorated with thick clay slurry while still wet to make an uneven texture which becomes apparent as the glaze breaks nicely over it.









Turquoise Sake Set for Two. This is the elegant turquoise version of Nela’s infamous Stoneware Sake Sets! This creation is very minimalist yet sturdy looking which was glazed in a beautiful matte Turquoise bluish green. The inside is lined with a clear gloss food-safe glaze. This sake set is designed to be resistant and durable.









Sage Green Sake Set for Two.(Below) This Stoneware Sake Set seems like it is floating on the table because of its narrow feet trim.Glazed with light green matte, combined with white matte and some brown detail strokes that resemble a bamboo, this set gives a zen look and oriental mood accent.





Red Stoneware Sake Set for Two. (Above Right) This is the perfect partner for the chilly weather of autumn and winter. You can also have this sake set in preparation for any occasion to warm up your guests and loved ones’ with the soothing richness of rice wine.









White and Blue Sake Set for Two. (Above). Inspired by the Dutch Delft Blue, this handsome Sake Set is a nice gift for the coming holidays. The satin porcelain in white glaze feels nice to the touch while the insides of the bottle and the cups were glazed with non-toxic clear gloss that was carefully mixed/made in Nela’s studio.

Travel Mugs of Different Colors and Designs (There’s More to Come!!!)

We have your favorite travel mugs with tight corks that will avoid spilling your beverage while driving.The mugs are designed to keep your coffee or tea warm, specially in winter.




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Nela is truly inspired to create more and more pieces that will not only be artsy but also functional in our daily lives. She just recently spent a beautiful time in Sarasota, Florida to draw more warmth and have it reflected in her craft.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you have inquiries and/or request for customized designs on one of our pieces, please feel free to connect with us on Facebook. Go to our Contact Info. Page for more details.


Thoughts for Thanksgiving

We are grateful for your loyalty! We are a family. Let's keep in touch.
We are  always grateful for your loyalty! As one family, let’s keep in touch.

Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the United States and Canada to highlight a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year.

For families and loved ones, it is a day of reunion. A day of enjoying the bounties of life usually symbolized by a festive dinner at the table for everyone to savor, along with heartfelt smiles and warm hugs.

As a company founded by humble beginnings, we are always thankful for our customers’ loyalty. In fact, every time a customer expresses delight and/or satisfaction as result of purchasing our products, we find that very inspiring and encouraging that we consistently value that as our company’s most important milestone of achievement.

Every happy customer never fails to give us a consistent dejavu of what we exactly feel with our families and loved ones as we annually celebrate Thanksgiving Day. We value our customers as an integral part of our success, just like our families and friends that show their support all the way.

So this coming Thanksgiving, only remember one thing from us:

We thank you, thank you and thank you!

Marianela, the artist behind every Nela Ceramics creation, reaches out and shares her passion, her life and dedication to beautify your home with more warmth, loving touch and uniqueness in every functional yet decorative piece she creates. Imagine us with our wonderful Sake cups raised with love and honor gratefully saying,”Cheers.”

Cheers to all of you who have purchased our collections. By doing so, you helped us grow and get to where we are now. Your genuine response to our products is our main motivation to keep Nela Ceramics growing. We want to keep you close as part of our family

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Where I Am Coming From…

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